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Welcome to the Albania Wikia

Albania, now known as Peril Fortress is a game made by me with original(taken with credit) and custom aspects.

This is a fighter game with underrated/not high tier characters who need a part in fighting.

We currently have 109 leaked characters, cars and items, PLS ADD MORE CHARACTERS, GOTTA ADD 'EM ALL!!!!

What's going on?

  • Gen sorting may change as more characters are added, unfortunately.
  • KappaDash makes and rips 3D character sprites now, they are on sketchfab.
  • KappaDash's Sketchfab is
  • Tiers are introduced. They are like in Overwatch(Offense, Defense, Tank, Support).
  • Many characters will come to this game.


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It's not Albania anymore, its Peril Fortress


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